Study more efficiently

Everyone knows repetition is the key to memorisation. But with so much to learn, and limited time, it can seem impossible!

Vet-Revise makes it easy, using an algorithm to schedule cards just before you forget them, giving you a little each day to review.

No more cramming for exams!

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3,000,000+ cards made by fellow vet students

Reduce the time spent writing out your notes, and start learning instead. Vet-Revise makes it easy to find content directly relevant to your course.

Cherry-pick the best cards & decks and edit them however you like!

Study anywhere

Our mobile app for iOS & Android, lets you study when you’re on the go.

Great offline support allows you to review the day’s cards on even the most remote farm!

Coming soon!

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It's a no-brainer.

Learn more, forget less.